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Marking Ink Systems

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Ink Systems

JanTech Model 105 machines use "paste" or "semi-paste" letterpress offset inks. Many kinds and colors are available, formulated for both general and specific needs.

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Interesting Ink Marking Machine Applications

These pages are created to showcase selected customers and their applications of JanTech Marking Equipment. If you would like to be featured here, you need only contact us and provide details, including pictures of your JanTech machine operation and the products that you mark. Please be our guest to review the following applications of JanTech marking machines:

  1. National Electrical Carbon Products Co. direct stamps imprints on their carbon brushes.
  2. Deltrol Controls automates direct stamping codes on their relays and solenoids.
  3. Loras Industries direct stamps marks on semiconductors.
  4. Mercury United Electronics, Inc. fully automates direct stamping their crystals.
  5. Mills Resistor Co. uses Model 105 marking machines for offset printing marks on wire wound precision resistors.

General Purpose

General purpose marking inks are sub-categorized as either non-oxidizing or oxidizing type.

Both kinds are air drying and cure at room temperature upon evaporation of a volatile component. Drying may also be accelerated by elevated temperature. The C-100-1 is a non-oxidizing, solvent based general purpose ink that is the easiest ink to use with the Model 105 system. The Oxy-Ink is an oil varnish resin based ink that cures by oxidation after drying. The oxidation process creates a skin that in most cases is tougher and more abrasion resistant, but care is necessary to prevent ink spoilage.


Both one-part and two-part epoxy inks meet CID A-A-56032A Type I & II. (Formerly MIL-I-43553 and appropriate test methods of MIL-STD-202e, 810c and 1285a.) Two-part epoxy inks meet Type III.

1 Part Epoxy Systems

For applications requiring greater abrasion resistance, epoxy inks should be considered. Epoxy inks are available in either two-part or one-part systems. One-part epoxy inks (1PE) require the elevated temperatures to cure.

PDF Click here to download 1 Part Epoxy Systems Specifications (PDF-38KB)

2 Part Epoxy Systems

Two-part epoxy inks (2PE) will cure at room temperature and may be force cured at elevated temperatures.

Important Note about Two-Part Epoxy Marking Ink: Two-part epoxy marking ink is packaged in bulk containers. The two parts of the epoxy ink must be mixed proportionately by weight. It is very important that the two parts be accurately weighed. The amount typically mixed in preparation for marking parts is from one to ten grams of material each. An accurate scale suitable for weight measurements as small as one gram is required.

PDF Click here to download 1 Part Epoxy Systems Specifications (PDF-836KB)

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