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Marking Die Systems

Almost any type of printing die, along with the appropriate tooling make up a "Print Unit." Whether a rubber printing plate, changeable ribbed rubber type, metal engraving or metal type, each is useful for particular needs. Generally, rubber or other soft polymer dies are suitable for either direct or offset imprints. Metal or other hard dies are applicable for offset marking or direct marking on only soft surfaces. In some cases, more than one die or type of die can be combined in a Print Unit. Print Units are easy to install and change from job to job.

Polymer Die Plates

Polymer Die Stamps are an economical form of photo engraved die plate, made from a soft polymer material on a flexible film backing. They are sometimes called Polydies. Compared to other die systems such as changeable type, Polymer Die Stamps offer the user some unique qualities that may suit special requirements:

  • Produce the finest detail and mark quality possible.
  • Offer the most latitude in mark composition.
  • Used for direct marking or offset marking.
  • Normally available for shipment within 48 hours.

POLYDIE262 Polymer Die Stamps are often used for compositions that remain unchanged from job to job. They are particularly useful for mark compositions that include graphics or small text, especially when the mark envelope dimensions are tightly specified. Virtually anything that may be drawn can be produced as a Polymer Die Stamp. JanTech offers art work generation and typesetting services to dimensional specifications, or the customer may supply their own.

Supplied with a low strength double faced tape, Polymer Die Stamps are stuck to die mounts of the correct thickness to make the face of the Polymer Die Stamp "type high" (0.918"). Polymer Die Stamps may be removed and reused many times. They are best cleaned with a soft brush and anhydrous alcohol.

Rubber Stamps

In addition to standard letter and figure font assortments, specific requirements can be met with a number of special options:


Any quantity of individual characters may be ordered. Special characters are possible in addition to standard alpha-numeric characters.


A logotype is a single line of characters molded in one piece (a word or code for instance). Logotype provide superior impressions over combinations of individual characters and save time and mistakes.


Multi-line mats are two or more lines of copy on a single piece. They are handy for compositions that do not change. Cut-outs or notches can be made in the mat for quick modifications to the composition such as date codes using individual characters, if necessary.


Special art, such as company logos or trademarks may be produced as individual pieces of any size or incorporated into multi-line mats. Either camera-ready art or high-resolution computer graphics file is needed.

Rubber Type

PDF Click here to download Rubber Type Specifications (PDF-230KB)

Metal Type

PDF Click here to download Metal Type Specifications (PDF-324KB)

Serial Numbering

Numbering Head Numbering head print units are placed as tooling in the JanTech Model 105 and used for serializing parts by offset printing. To begin serial numbering, the wheels are rolled to the starting number of the sequence. After making the mark, tip the lever to advance the wheels to the next number in sequence.

The standard configuration has six wheels, 6 point (1.6mm tall) Gothic style figures on 2mm centers. Optionally, a surface to the left of the number (as shown below) can be supplied for removable die plates. Custom units with additional wheels or different font sizes are available.

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